3 Signs Your Landscaping Needs an End of Summer Clean-Up

We’ve almost made it through another wild Australian summer, which means it’s time to have a good look at your building’s landscaping. It might need some TLC after the extreme heat (and rain in parts of the country), and this is where the CGS Facilities Management team comes in. Below are three things your landscaping could be experiencing and what our facility management services team can do to get it back in shape for the cooler months ahead.

What to Look Out For

  1. An outbreak of summer weeds

While our team works hard all year round to minimise and eliminate weeds, other facilities management companies and property building management companies might not be quite as on the ball. Now’s the time for building managers in Sydney and beyond to be directing their landscapers to banish unsightly weeds to bring gardens and green spaces back up to scratch.

  1. Trees, shrubs and hedges looking worse for wear

The summer weather can be harsh to plants, especially if they haven’t been receiving enough water or an inadequate irrigation system has been set up. All good facilities management and building management companies will use the end of summer to trim away dead or dying branches, flowers or plants to allow for better growth come autumn.

  1. Tenants and others are avoiding landscaped areas

If you’ve noticed your once popular green spaces and/or gardens are now deserted (and it’s not due to the weather or other factors), then it could be time for a clean-up, overhaul or makeover to bring interest back.

Making sure your property’s landscaping is in fantastic condition at the end of summer is vital and all good facilities management companies know this. Why? It creates less maintenance in autumn (when gardening teams will be busy keeping fallen leaves out of sight!).

Anyone providing building managers in Sydney and beyond, and anyone supplying commercial building management services, should be instructing their teams to stay on top of the above things all year round, not just in summer. If that’s not happening for you, we’d love to become the new provider of your landscaping and facility management services.

CGS Facility Management Services That Can Help

If you’re not satisfied with your current property building management, we can assist. When it comes to landscaping and commercial building management services, we can attend to:

  •   Garden maintenance
  •   Lawn care
  •   Pool cleaning and maintenance, including pH balance
  •   Soft and hard landscaping
  •   Clean-ups
  •   Arborist tree removal
  •   The supply of pool equipment

Need something else that’s not on the above list? We also provide:

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After 30+ years in the commercial building management services game, there’s nothing we haven’t seen. We truly have solutions for everything. We’d love to assist you with your facilities management and property building management. Contact us on 02 8061 8100 to chat to CGSFM staff about our excellent facility management services or fill in our online enquiry form and we’ll be in touch.

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