Pool Equipment

Tailored Pool Equipment Solutions For Your Pool

Are you managing a communal or commercial pool in Sydney? Are you looking for affordable and high-quality pool cleaning equipment that’ll last? Do you want to make sure that your pool is that dazzling, crystal clear quality that keeps it enticing and swim-ready all year round?

Don’t pay more than you need to for your pool cleaning equipment. Don’t be tricked into buying more than you need or buying low-quality equipment that’ll break when you need it the most. Don’t watch flimsy robot pool cleaners get tangled up in their own chords. Instead get CGS Facilities Management to set you up with a tailored pool cleaning equipment solution today. Get what you need, pay what it’s worth.

Our wide range of pool supplies

We provide pool owners and managers across Sydney with quality equipment solution every day to help them self-maintain their pools in-between our scheduled check-ups. Chlorine test kits, pool brooms, pool and spa pumps, hoses, scoopers, chlorine kits and cartridges, we’ve got everything you might need for keeping your pool swim ready.

Not sure what your pool might need? Not a worry, call us on our 24/7 number 02 8061 8100 to chat with our friendly staff about your pool needs to see what equipment you might need, or if an inspection might be necessary.

Quality pool supplies for Sydney and NSW

With more than 30 years in the industry, our customer-centred work ethic, friendly service, and reliably high quality has set us apart from the rest. Our experience allows us to complete standard jobs with accuracy and swiftness, while it allows us to meet unusual jobs with preparedness and the right equipment.

We not only provide pool cleaning equipment solutions, but also provide commercial and communal pools across Sydney and the Central Coast with pool cleaning services , PH balance services, as well as a complete range of facilities management, from lawn care, to clean-ups, and tree removals .

Browse our stock or contact us today on 02 8061 8100 to chat to our staff about our equipment and services, or fill in our online enquiry form about what we can assist you with!