importace of technology in facility management

The Importance of Technology in Providing Facility Management Services

When you’re looking for the very best of facilities management companies to take care of a commercial property, their use of technology is probably not the first item on top of your priority list. Of course, budget, professionalism, efficiency, trustworthiness and communication are extremely important when you’re considering who to hire. But how you are updated and kept in the loop about what’s going on is also crucial. And that’s where technology comes in.

As one of the most in demand facilities management companies in Sydney and beyond, we have spent a lot of time making sure our systems and processes serve our clients in the best way possible. At CGS Facilities Management, we embrace technology and use cloud-based software to ensure our clients and building managers in Sydney and other parts of Australia can share and access information related to their commercial properties. This is a great way to relay information about facility management services carried out at the building to our clients. Our systems generate reports that are clear and easy to read. We also utilise an online portal where monthly maintenance reports are stored once uploaded by our building managers. Clients are encouraged to log in and check these to stay up to date.

Other tech tools we use include:

  •   MYBOS
  •   BuildingLink
  •   Salesforce
  •   Xero
  •   Dropbox

CGS Facilities Management Communication

We are proud of all the steps we’ve taken to have excellent working relationships with our clients and this all comes down to communication. Having been in this industry for over three decades, we have heard plenty of horror stories about communication difficulties with other facilities management companies in Sydney. We believe many communication issues can be alleviated with the use of technology. 

Being chosen to provide facility management services (like facilities management, security facility management, fire safety, landscaping, cleaning and developer services) for any commercial building is a responsibility that we always take very seriously. That is why first-class reporting is a must, as you should always know what work has been carried out at your property. Our amazing team of building managers in Sydney and beyond are 100% on board with this and are also happy to discuss any questions or concerns at any time. 

Our Facility Management Services

Need a reminder of what we do? First and foremost, our building managers in Sydney and beyond are here to make YOUR life easier. If we can lighten your load in any way, we want to do that.

We offer a gold class standard when it comes to facilities management. If you need a refresher on what exactly facilities management is, please click here to read our blog post that goes into the specifics.

At CGSFM, we are also highly experienced in commercial cleaning, security facility management, landscaping and garden management, fire prevention services, developer services and more.

Recent Testimonials

Still need convincing as to why we are one of the leading facilities management companies in Sydney? Check out some of our latest testimonials here or get in touch and we can tell you more.

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